This is a fun activity that all gardeners in my programs have really enjoyed participating in and these lovely little insect homes can be made individually or in a therapeutic gardening group.

Insect hotels provide a safe habitat for beneficial bugs and help to form a healthy eco-system within the garden.

Most bugs in the garden are good bugs, so encourage these beneficial creatures to the garden and they’ll help to deter the bad bugs!



Gather these items to make one hanger;

  • 2 wire hanging baskets with coir fibre liners. For small hangers choose small baskets and make more than one or use large baskets to make one large hanger to place under a tree or larger area
  • Assorted natural items
  • 4 small zip ties
  • scissors


Follow these fun steps to create your own insect hotel…

  1. Gather natural items to fill the baskets. Try pine cones, pine needles, bark, sticks, leaves, medium to large seed pods, pieces of bamboo, coir fibre, hessian or other natural items that won’t break down quickly.
  2. Place the 2 wire baskets onto a table.
  3. Remove both the chain hangers. One will be used for the hanger.
  4. Remove the fibre lining and cut or tear one liner into random sized pieces. The other fibre liner can be used  for other projects or to replace liner in planted hanging baskets.
  5. Place a few of the fibre pieces into the base of each basket and fill will gathered items. TIP – leave larger spaces for other creatures to make their homes amongst the natural items.
  6. Place the two filled baskets together (this is a two person job!) to make one sphere.
  7. With a helper holding the baskets together, place 4 zip ties evenly around the basket edges to hold both together. Use scissors to cut off excess tie.
  8. Attach one chain hanger to the top basket base.
  9. Hang hotel from a tree, beam or hook outside and over time watch the creatures make this their home.

As I mentioned, this activity is suitable for the home gardener, within aged care, community support and school garden programs. It’s great for all abilities!

The health benefits from this activity include increased confidence, assist to develop fine and gross motor skills, stimulates senses, provides a positive outcome, good for problem solving skills and helps to reduce stress, anxiety or boredom by encouraging positive habits while connecting with nature.




This activity is part of the Soil to Supper Therapeutic Gardening Program.

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