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Do you want guidance and support to have success in the garden?

Are you lacking confidence to grow healthy food or not sure what to do or what to grow?

Are you struggling to have success in the garden and finding too many problems?

or maybe you’re aiming to have good health and enjoy gardening activities?

As a Community member you’ll meet other gardeners, follow fun, weekly gardening activities and have a clear guide and information to confidently head outside and start growing.


Being in the garden community helps to keep me motivated through the week to spend time in my garden.

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The Community is an online space for anyone who wants guidance for gardening and growing food for wellness, NDIS participants wanting to enjoy fun, garden-based activities (funding available through NDIS Plan), Aged Care organisations, Community Services, Schools and Community groups.

As a Member you’ll know…

**what to do each week in your garden

** the simple methods to plan and create a garden

** how to enhance your health through growing a variety of plants 

** when to grow your food

** how to cultivate and nurture your crops following natural methods

** ways to harvest and enjoy seasonal foods

** ways for gardening to suit your own health needs


All information can be shared with support staff, carers and volunteers who assist during gardening activities.

 The Soil to Supper Community provides an organic and holistic approach to growing fresh food.


Have a question about the Therapeutic Gardening Community? Here’s what others have asked…

What gardening level do I need to be at to join?

The Community is suitable for all levels of gardeners. There’s many activities that suit the new gardeners through to seasoned green thumbs. Also it’s a great place to connect with other gardeners from many locations worldwide.

I’m a new gardener. How will I learn from this?

The Savvy Gardener course is a great way to get started with gardening. Then follow through each monthly guide and watch masterclasses to learn new skills. You’ll also have my support to get started in your garden and can ask questions in the Facebook group.

If this isn’t right for me can I get a refund?

We offer a free 7 day trial to have a look inside the Community and decide if it’s for you. After the 7 days the monthly or annual fee will be charged. No refunds are given, but membership can be cancelled at any time.

How do I access everything in there?

After you log into the Community you’ll select the information to read, watch or download to your computer. You can access the Community on a phone, tablet or computer.

Can I get one-on-one help with my garden?

Yes, I’m definitely here to support you. We can connect via phone, emails or through the exclusive Community Facebook group and discuss anything about your garden and gardening activities.

I’m a NDIS support worker and want to help my participants in the garden. Does the website (Community) have plans for what to do in the garden, as this is one thing I can’t manage to make plans for.

The Community website contains monthly gardening guides, which include weekly gardening activities for the year. You can access these activities and support your participants to complete them in their garden. I also hold a monthly masterclass to share extra gardening information, which you could watch together.

If you have other questions about the Community please contact me via email and I’ll get in touch directly and also share your question here!

In ‘Grow Food’ this is where you’ll make a start with garden basics, watch videos, follow a guide and start growing your garden.

If you’re already gardening you may want to follow a few suggestions to ensure you’re on the right track to growing success.

In ‘Grow Health’ you will discover ways to maintain or improve wellness while gardening.

Follow the garden-based activities to enhance emotional and physical wellness. Plus you’ll learn about medicinal plants, sensory gardens and ways to nurture your body and mind.

Members access…

Therapeutic Gardening

Follow the weekly activities for heath and wellness in the garden.

Seasonal Growing Guides

This takes the guesswork out of what to do in the garden throughout each season.

Live Masterclasses

Join our live masterclass to connect and learn with Cath and other members.

Monthly Masterclass

Watch recordings of Masterclasses to gather extra ideas on our chosen topic.

Community Facebook Group

Connect, ask and share with others in our Community.

Online Courses

Gain a deeper knowledge for growing a thriving garden through Online Courses.

Join the Grow Health Challenge

Grow Health in our Community!

Videos & Articles

Access member only videos and articles.

The Soil to Supper Therapeutic Gardening Community is a one-stop location for all gardeners to access information and support to improve health through gardening and the use of plants.


The Community information is based on therapeutic gardening methods which are suitable for gardeners of all abilities and provides simple gardening techniques to grow healthy food within your own garden or other garden settings.




ONLY $199.00! (SAVE $149 per year!!)

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ONLY $29.00

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Join horticultural expert Cath Manuel and gather confidence to grow successfully!

Become a member of the Soil to Supper Community to gather knowledge, learn how to solve problems, access personalised support and grow with others who have a passion for nurturing the environment and enjoying healthy eating.

Members access in-depth, practical resources on all areas of planning, creating, growing and nurturing a thriving organic garden…

Free Lesson - How to Sow Seeds Successfully

Sowing seeds is an easy way of growing new plants, saving money, and also choosing exactly the healthy foods you want to grow and harvest.

Follow my easy steps in this video and download the lesson notes HERE

The Soil to Supper Community is your essential online space to gather deep knowledge and the confidence to enjoy gardening and successfully grow healthy food.

© cath manuel 2 february 2017

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