So you’re ready to grow fresh food??

You’ve had enough with failures in the garden and you’re now determined to enjoy success with growing fresh food!


The Soil to Supper Community is the ONE place you will gather ALL the confidence and resources needed to successfully grow a thriving garden in any home garden…including your home, aged care home or supported living home.

PLUS you’ll access one-on-one guidance and support with expert Horticulturist Cath Manuel!

Forget about plants dying, pests problems or wondering what to do next…

As a Community member you’ll have a clear guide, plus access extensive information and resources to confidently head outside and start growing!!

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You’ve watched all the videos online, read pages of blogs and followed celebrity gardeners, but you’re still struggling with…

where to start with food growing?

how to build garden areas?

knowing what to plant and when?

how to grow a kitchen garden?

how to deal with pesky garden problems?

what to do with dirt?

how to compost successfully?

when to harvest fresh food?

If you’ve spent loads of money AND loads of hours trying to grow

I totally understand this, and that’s why I created the

Soil to Supper Community!

You have a passion for healthy eating and you care about the food you’re feeding your family.


You’re creating gardens in an aged care home to provide fresh food to residents.


PLUS you have a deep desire to learn more about organic gardening and enjoy a sustainable lifestyle!

The Soil to Supper Community is a one-stop location to access guides and resources created especially for people who have a desire to grow and share healthy food .

Gardeners who have tried all the methods, read all the free content and still lack confidence to grow their food through each season.

As a Member you’ll know…

  • the simple methods to plan and create your edible garden
  • when to grow your veggies, herbs and fruit
  • how to cultivate and nurture your crops following natural methods
  • ways to harvest and enjoy seasonal foods

 Plus you’ll be part of a fabulous group of people who have a passion for healthy eating.

 The Soil to Supper Community provides an organic and holistic approach to growing fresh food.


In the Community you’ll access…

Seasonal Growing Guides

This takes the guesswork out of what to do in the garden throughout each season.

Monthly Masterclass

Join Cath each month to gather extra ideas on our chosen topic.

Online Courses

Gain a deeper knowledge for growing a thriving garden through Online Courses.

Videos & Articles

Access member only videos and articles.

Have a look at some of our Community content here…

Access January Growing Guide...

Access one of our Monthly Growing Guides and follow the weekly gardening activities, plus extra information!

View the 'Getting Started' Course here...

Download the Lesson Notes from our ‘Savvy Gardener’ Course.

View a Monthly Masterclass...

Join me for one of our monthly masterclasses based on a topic from the Monthly Growing Guide.

Watch one of the Community Videos...

Videos and Articles include a range of information to give all gardeners more confidence to grow.


**One-on-One support and guidance from Cath

**A ‘Field Guide’ to lead you through the Planning, Creating, Growing & Thriving stages

**Exclusive Facebook Group to access Cath and other Members anytime

** Community Forum to connect with all members, gather support, ask questions and share your success!

**Activity Guides to Download & Print

**Member Resources, including videos, articles and eBooks

**Recipes with Fresh Food Ideas


Join horticultural expert Cath Manuel and gather confidence to grow successfully!

Become a member of the Soil to Supper Community to gather knowledge, learn how to solve problems, access personalised support and grow with others who have a passion for nurturing the environment and enjoying healthy eating.

Monthly Membership


For Only $14.95 per month!

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You’ll find everything you need to get started and find the joy that picking and sharing fresh food brings…without the struggles and failures!

The Soil to Supper Community is your essential online space to learn how to confidently plan, create, grow and nurture your own thriving organic garden.


Being a Soil to Supper Community Member enables you to;

  • Plan your dream garden and include all the elements to suit you and your family’s needs.
  • Create your garden spaces as time and money permit.
  • Grow seasonal crops and the foods you enjoy the most.
  • Harvest delicious fresh food anytime.
  • Enjoy your time gardening as you have a deeper knowledge and understanding of gardening methods.
  • Enjoy connecting with like-minded passionate gardeners.

Plus much, much more!

“Thanks Cath for helping me with my Composting. I’ve tried many times, all unsuccessfully, to create compost for my garden. After taking your steps, which were easy to follow, I now have two compost bins in my small garden and they are working brilliantly.”

Michelle, Sydney.


“Looks awesome Cath as always. Also looking forward to the new courses especially on growing fruit as I have many fruit trees and your knowledge has helped me look after them but I always love learning more, thanks”

Leanne, NSW Australia.

It’s just $14.95 per month to join…that’s Aussie Dollars!

Complete the registration form and you’ll receive instant access to everything…including our Member Forum where you’ll introduce yourself and connect with other members 🙂

PLUS you can cancel at anytime, just one click and you’ll stop payments and end your membership (I’m sure you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to stay)

We look forward to you joining us in the Community

Monthly Membership


For Only $14.95 per month!

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Members access in-depth, practical resources on all areas of planning, creating, growing and nurturing a thriving organic garden…

Free Lesson - How to Sow Seeds Successfully

Sowing seeds is an easy way of growing new plants, saving money, and also choosing exactly the healthy foods you want to grow and harvest.

Follow my easy steps in this video and download the lesson notes HERE

The Soil to Supper Community is your essential online space to gather deep knowledge and the confidence to enjoy gardening and successfully grow healthy food.

“I hope to see you inside the Soil to Supper Community and together we will

learn, grow and thrive!”  Cath 🙂

© cath manuel 2 february 2017

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