The ‘Gardening for Health and Wellbeing’ Program is offered nationally by Soil to Supper.


At Soil to Supper we believe that everyone of all ages and abilities needs a connection with nature and to experience a sense of joy and the health benefits gained from gardening activities and growing fresh food.

Gardening as therapy has been used for years to cultivate health and wellbeing in people with disabilities, illnesses, diseases, the young, the elderly and people recovering from surgery, stroke, heart attack and other health issues.

I am blessed to share my passion for gardening, my skills and knowledge in Horticulture and Horticultural Therapy to provide support to individuals and organisations to create wellness throughout the community.

Cath Manuel

“Horticultural Therapy is a process of using plants and gardening activities to promote health and well-being of people’s mind, body and spirit”

Our program provides an organic and sustainable approach to gardening and is customised for the needs of all people in care.

We offer these services…

Onsite Consultations assist organisations to establish gardens, including kitchen gardens, and delivering of gardening programs to suit all client’s needs.

An Onsite Consultation includes a review of your existing gardens and includes recommendations for garden locations and re-purposing of existing gardens, growing fresh food onsite and other suggestions for a sustainable, thriving garden.

Training Programs – As part of the Gardening for Health and Wellbeing Program, we offer specialised workshops to provide carers with the skills and knowledge required to deliver garden therapy to clients.  

Soil to Supper training programs provide the necessary skills for staff to deliver gardening activities, support a therapeutic garden and meets the standards for Professional Development within Aged Care.

Onsite Presentations to staff and residents - Cath is available to deliver presentations on the the benefits of therapeutic gardening within aged care and how to establish kitchen gardens and gardening programs.

She also delivers hands-on practical demonstrations to residents and clients, sharing simple ways to enjoy fun activities.

We assist organisations to deliver high quality activities to clients, provide sustainable programs in-house, offer an holistic approach to customer’s lifestyle needs and to be a point of difference for consumers.

For more information on services available please contact us here.


The benefits of Cath Manuel’s therapeutic gardening groups can be seen on the faces of our residents who attend her weekly sessions in our Memory Support Unit. Living with dementia can make daily activities challenging and frustrating, so it is beautiful to watch the group laughing and interacting together, reminiscing about gardens they have tended to in the past.

For many of them, the feel of the soil between their fingers has unlocked gardening skills that have remained hidden in recent years. To have seedlings to care for and gardens to water has provided a purpose for them again. The feedback from staff and relatives has been incredibly positive.

Find out more about our program at NoosaCare HERE.

Sandra Gunner

Group Care Manager, NoosaCare Inc

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