Onsite Consultations for Therapeutic Gardens

Onsite Consultations are available to aged care homes and community organisations to assist with establishing therapeutic and kitchen gardens and the delivering of programs, based on Therapeutic Horticulture methods.

“ Therapeutic Horticulture is a process of using plants and gardening activities to promote health and wellbeing of people’s mind, body and spirit”

I share my extensive experience as a horticulturist and horticultural therapist to guide you and your staff to establish, grow and maintain gardens within your centre.

An Onsite Consultation includes a review of your existing gardens and includes recommendations for garden locations, re-purposing of existing gardens, plus other suggestions to assist with the coordinating of a successful garden therapy program whilst creating a safe environment for all participants.

Our services provide an organic approach to gardening and growing fresh food within care settings.

Our specialised Consultation services include;

Review of Small Garden Area

Suitable for existing small garden spaces with the view to establishing an in-house garden therapy program.

From this consultation of your small garden area you will have a clear goal and an action plan to upgrade existing gardens in preparation for gardening activities with residents.

Also included will be recommendations for establishing a kitchen garden to grow fresh food to be included in resident’s meals and methods for maintaining gardens.

Included in this service;

  • Site analysis to ensure garden is safe prior to gardening commencing.
  • Personalised action plan including suggestions for steps to take to establish therapeutic and kitchen gardens.
  • Recommendations for plants, gardens, activity areas, seating, shade, equipment, plus other features required for a therapy garden.

Full Centre Review of all Outdoor Spaces 

This service is for larger garden areas and aged care homes. All outdoor spaces are reviewed and assessed for access, safety, appropriate plants, soil health and suitability for gardening activities.

From this full centre assessment you will have identified areas that are suitable for establishing therapeutic and kitchen gardens, the correct locations for gardening activities and ways to implement sustainable gardening methods into your aged care home.

Included in this service;

  • Full facility site analysis to identify any potential hazards for gardeners and recommendations for elimination of associated risks.
  • New garden areas identified with the view of creating gardens for resident’s/client’s use.
  • Detailed report and action plan to establish and maintain all garden spaces.

Upon booking Consultation a 50% deposit is required and bookings are to be made at least 30 days prior to visit.

We assist organisations to deliver high quality activities to clients, provide sustainable programs in-house, offer a holistic approach to customer’s lifestyle needs and to be a point of difference within the industry.

Consultation Services are available nationally and multiple location packages are available.

For more information and bookings please contact Cath Manuel directly HERE.

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