Therapeutic Horticulture…gardening for health & wellbeing

At Soil to Supper we support people from all walks of life to enjoy a connection with nature, experience a sense of joy and gain the health benefits from gardening and fresh food.

Therapeutic Horticulture is a process of using plants and garden-based activities to promote physical health and emotional wellbeing for people of all ages and abilities.


“I am blessed to share my passion for gardening, my skills and knowledge in Horticulture and Therapeutic Horticulture to provide support to individuals and organisations to create wellness throughout the community.”

Cath Manuel

We offer these services….

one on one consultations

Therapeutic Gardening Program

The Soil to Supper Therapeutic Gardening Program is a unique initiative that offers participants with opportunities to improve their emotional wellness and physical health.

Through the program participants learn new skills, develop confidence and enhance social connection through garden-based activities and growing fresh food.

Training Programs

We offer specialised training and development workshops to provide skills and knowledge required to deliver therapeutic gardening programs to clients.

Training programs provide the necessary information and skills to deliver gardening activities, support a therapeutic garden and align within Aged Care and NDIS standards.

Onsite Consultations

Our Onsite Consultation service guides and supports organisations to establish therapeutic and kitchen gardens and deliver gardening programs to residents and clients.

This service includes a review of your existing gardens and includes recommendations for new garden areas, updating existing gardens, growing fresh food onsite and other suggestions for a thriving garden suitable for all abilities.

Seasonal Gardening Programs

Cath specialises in therapeutic gardening activities and shares her extensive range of activities through the Seasonal Programs. Enjoy fun, hands-on activities with residents and clients throughout the year in all climates worldwide. Find each season from Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer HERE.

Onsite Presentations to staff and residents

As an established speaker, I am available to deliver presentations on the the benefits of therapeutic gardening, how to establish kitchen gardens to grow fresh food and ways to implement gardening programs within your organisation.

Your Events

Provide a hands-on gardening activity at your next event.

Cath delivers fun activities for small to large groups to people of all ages and abilities. We pot herbs or flowers and sow seasonal seeds while encouraging aspiring green thumbs to give gardening a try!

Our Programs and Services provide simple techniques, information

and guidance to grow fresh food and enhance health

in any garden location.


Please contact me to discuss ways I can provide my services to you.



The benefits of Cath Manuel’s therapeutic gardening groups can be seen on the faces of our residents who attend her weekly sessions in our Memory Support Unit.

Living with dementia can make daily activities challenging and frustrating, so it is beautiful to watch the group laughing and interacting together, reminiscing about gardens they have tended to in the past. For many of them, the feel of the soil between their fingers has unlocked gardening skills that have remained hidden in recent years.

To have seedlings to care for and gardens to water has provided a purpose for them again. The feedback from staff and relatives has been incredibly positive

Find out more about our program at NoosaCare HERE.

Group Care Manager, NoosaCare Inc

Our residents are enjoying the weekly gardening group at The Club Palmwoods and look forward to Cath’s fun, interactive visits!

Sundale, Palmwoods

I look forward to Soil to Supper gardening sessions with Cath being outside in the garden helps my physical and mental wellbeing.

I enjoy sowing seeds, propagating, planting seedlings, watering, watching them grow, mulching, keeping the compost going. It’s all part of the cycle of life in the garden.


Therapeutic Gardening Participant

Therapeutic gardening program a veritable lifesaver…

There is no doubt in my mind that Cath Manuel’s Therapeutic Gardening Program has been one of the most significant positive influences on my recovery from Major Depression and General Anxiety Disorder. From the initial planning session onward, Cath uses a collaborative approach to the creation of my weekly gardening sessions. Developing the program to meet my physical, mental and emotional needs appears to come natural to Cath.

My active involvement in planning ensures that I get the maximum benefit from every gardening session. Initially I was capable of limited input to this process however with Cath’s increasing knowledge of my needs and limitations, and using her horticultural knowledge and experience, she was able to draw on my gradually returning capabilities. Over time I was more confident and increasingly able to contribute to the planning process.

I value our weekly, two-and-a-half hour gardening sessions immensely and eagerly look forward to them. The program naturally varies from week to week, depending on the seasons, vagaries of the weather and tasks needing attention.

Being such a “hands-on” activity, gardening can be exhausting and satisfying both physically and mentally… and therein lies the reason why Cath’s Therapeutic Gardening Program has been, and still is, an absolute winner and a Godsend for me…A very big thank-you Cath.


Therapeutic Gardening Participant

Registered Member

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