Soil to Supper provides guidance and the right advice for gardening to improve health and wellbeing.

Our Programs and Services provide simple techniques, information and guidance to grow fresh food and enhance health in any garden location.

Through the unique Soil to Supper Signature Programs below you will gather knowledge and support from specialist Cath Manuel to grow confidence in your own thriving garden or gain skills to cater for others in any garden setting.

Therapeutic Horticulture Training

We offer specialised training and development for successful delivery of Therapeutic Horticulture programs.

This training provides the necessary information and skills to deliver gardening activities, maintain a therapeutic garden and align within Aged Care and NDIS standards.

Online Gardening Community

The Online Gardening Community is for gardeners of all abilities. Gather ways to enhance your health naturally while enjoying time in your garden.

As a Community member you’ll have a clear guide and information to confidently establish and maintain a thriving garden while maintaining good health.

Therapeutic gardening program a veritable lifesaver…

There is no doubt in my mind that Cath Manuel’s Therapeutic Gardening Program has been one of the most significant positive influences on my recovery from Major Depression and General Anxiety Disorder.

From the initial planning session onward, Cath uses a collaborative approach to the creation of my weekly gardening sessions. Developing the program to meet my physical, mental and emotional needs appears to come natural to Cath.

My active involvement in planning ensures that I get the maximum benefit from every gardening session. Initially I was capable of limited input to this process however with Cath’s increasing knowledge of my needs and limitations, and using her horticultural knowledge and experience, she was able to draw on my gradually returning capabilities. Over time I was more confident and increasingly able to contribute to the planning process.

I value our weekly, two-and-a-half hour gardening sessions immensely and eagerly look forward to them. The program naturally varies from week to week, depending on the seasons, vagaries of the weather and tasks needing attention.

Being such a “hands-on” activity, gardening can be exhausting and satisfying both physically and mentally… and therein lies the reason why Cath’s Therapeutic Gardening Program has been, and still is, an absolute winner and a Godsend for me…

A very big thank-you Cath.


Therapeutic Gardening Participant

Your course really inspired me to move forward into implementing my knowledge to share the love of gardens and gardening with others in our community. 

Training Participant

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