Many people living in urban areas want to create edible gardens and grow healthy food, but think it takes a LOT of space to grow.

If this is you then you’ll love this episode!

I want to share these easy methods with you as I enjoy growing this way, and have a few tips for being highly productive in small garden spaces.

If you find yourself busy with family, work and life, but want to grow food and enjoy gardening time without feeling like it’s a chore, I have some ideas for you.

It’s okay to cut back on garden areas and grow in smaller spaces so you don’t feel overwhelmed with it.

It really is about time you have available AND the space for growing healthy gardens!

These methods are also perfect for enjoying in an aged care home or community organisation, as gardeners can enjoy these activities together.

Also this is great if you’re renting your apartment or home and want to take your garden with you when you leave!

In this episode I’m sharing with you 5 of my favourite and simple ways to grow food, herbs or flowers in small spaces.


I’ll cover…

  • How to grow little crops from your kitchen with sprouts and micro-greens
  • Gathering a group of decorative pots to grow a mix of veggies, herbs and flowers
  • Ways to successfully grow fruit trees in any space
  • Growing beautiful vertical gardens
  • Ways to brighten up a dull space with hanging baskets

Plus I share my extra tips for successful growing!

Here’s the links I refer to in this episode –

I hope you enjoyed this episode and now inspired to create many mini gardens!

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Thanks for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden, see you again next time,


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