I can feel a lovely change in the air here on the Sunshine Coast and now enjoying extended hours in my garden.

It’s a lovely time for gardening through Autumn, and Spring for gardeners in the north, and great for getting lots of jobs done that have been put on hold during the previous months.

kitchen gardenHere’s a few ideas for your garden this month…

Southern Hemisphere Gardens –

·        Prepare soil for growing new season crops. Watch this Masterclass from the Community on preparing gardens for growing. CLICK HERE.

  • Sow seeds or plant seedlings of Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage…all those yummy winter soup veggies into prepared beds. Great companion plants are Nasturtium, Dill and Sage. Read more about good companions HERE.

·         Sow seeds of Broad Beans in temperate or cooler areas. Ensure the soil is well prepared with compost and a small amount of blood and bone. Broad Beans are also grown as a cool season green manure crop, refer to article here - Why Green Manure Crops Are Good For Your Soilpicking peas

·         For space saving ideas try growing Snow or Sugar Snap Peas on a vertical trellis. These cute beans add colour and healthy crops to any garden areas, especially small spaces. My boys love picking and eating peas!

·         With the temperature cooling you may notice your compost decomposing slower through the winter months.

Continue to check the temperature of the compost by placing your hand deep into the mix, you should find some warmth in there. If not, add extra activators to the bin or compost heap to heat up the ingredients and help decomposing.

Try comfrey, molasses, blood & bone or worm juice. Always cover these ingredients with a mulch (carbon) layer.

For more info on Composting read my article here – Do you know how to Compost?

Northern Hemisphere Gardens –

·        Lawn care – remove any weeds by hand, apply an organic slow release fertiliser (follow application rate on packaging…do not overdose with lawn fertilisers!!) and hose in or wait for expected rains. After a week or so lightly rake over the lawn and then mow with a high cut. First mow leave off the catcher as cuttings will help build up the top soil.

·         Plant summer flowering bulbs. Beautiful colour and scents can be dotted around all garden areas, including the kitchen garden! Try Allium, Freesia (in mild areas), Dahlia or Tuberose.

·         Ensure you have a fresh supply of delicious herbs of Parsley, Dill, Mint, Lemon Balm, Oregano and Sage. Grow in containers in a protected area if needed. Find more ideas for growing herbs HERE.

·         Dead-head Spring flowers to encourage new growth. Place all gardening clippings in the compost.

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Enjoy this month in your garden, please CONTACT ME if you have any questions.

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