Welcome back to The Wellbeing Garden!

After a few years away, I’m back in The Wellbeing Garden and have some fabulous ideas to inspire you to grow health in your garden.

Most of my work now is in the field of Therapeutic Horticulture, and through Soil to Supper I deliver Therapeutic Gardening Programs to many people onsite in my community and online through our Online Gardening Community.

I’m always being asked what therapeutic horticulture or garden therapy are actually all about, so in this episode I’ll give you a few ideas and ways you can enhance your health in the garden.

In this episode I’ll share;

  • A description of Therapeutic Horticulture
  • How it helps people from all walks of life
  • Ways that you can get started in your garden
  • How to support people of all abilities and promote good health

Here’s the extra resources that you may find helpful…

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Enjoy this time in your garden and the fun activities to boost your good health.

Thank You for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden, enjoy a fabulous day,

 Cath xx


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