The Soil to Supper Club is a fun, fabulous and FREE program hosted by Cath Manuel.


Want to connect with a community of passionate gardeners? Looking for simple solutions to gardening problems?


Join the Soil to Supper Club where Cath shares her knowledge and passion for organic and therapeutic gardening.


Simply enter your details, grab your FREE 25 Point Garden Checklist and start growing a thriving garden!



If you think you’re too busy, or have limited space or money to grow healthy food, we have simple solutions to help your garden thrive.

By joining the Club you’ll receive –

  • 25 Point Checklist to help avoid annoying garden problems
  • Information and Special Offers to get you growing
  • Regular Newsletters with the latest Blogs, Workshops and Events from Cath
  • Access the Soil to Supper Facebook Club

The first step to join the Club is to complete the signup form here…Go on ‘Dig In’ NOW!

“Cath is focused and passionate about living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle and helps others to improve their well-being through growing and enjoying healthy organic food and connecting with the earth.”

Join us now and together we will grow fresh food full of vitality!

Enjoy completing the 25 Point Checklist and all the extra info included, then join our Facebook Club for loads of simple ideas on organic gardening, living a sustainable lifestyle and also share ideas on our daily themes!

Also consider joining our Soil to Supper Community, where you’ll be personally guided by Cath, receive free ‘Member’s Only‘ eCourses, Monthly Masterclass, gardening guides, videos, articles, connect with special guests, plus more!

 I look forward to learning, growing and thriving with you!

Cath 🙂

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