Starting with a clear plan for your new garden will save time and money in the long term.

Building a garden is really exciting and once we’ve made a decision to start growing, most of us are ready with all the tools and equipment we think we need.

But many people start adding soil and plants to gardens without actually planning where the garden should be located and what to grow, which can result in costly mistakes and hard work!

Ideas in this episode are from the Soil to Supper Online Gardening Community and Part 1 in this podcast mini-series.

In this episode I share the steps to take to plan your dream garden, including;

  • A planning checklist
  • Finding the sunshine
  • Natural elements
  • Your garden zones
  • Tips for creative planning
  • Discovering your dirt

By following these simple methods, you will effectively plan the garden of your dreams and be ready to start creating garden spaces!

A few extra resources you may find helpful…

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I’m sure you’ll gather a few ideas for planning your new dream garden, and be ready for the next episode on Creating Garden Spaces!

ThankYou for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden, enjoy a fabulous day,


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