This episode is Part 2 in this podcast series and you can listen to Part 1 – Planning Your Dream Garden HERE

Once your garden is planned you can start creating garden spaces to grow in.

There are many ways to grow a sustainable garden. You can used raised garden beds, garden plots straight on the ground or container growing. Where possible use recycled containers or other items for creating your growing spaces.

From your garden plans start establishing each element within your garden by following these simple steps.

In this episode we’ll cover;

  • Establishing garden elements
  • Ways to create garden spaces
  • No-dig gardens
  • Growing in containers
  • Setting up a compost system

These are the basics to get your garden started…hopefully all helpful!

Once you’ve created the garden with pathways, garden beds, fruit trees, pots and a compost, then enjoy the space while planning your favourite plants to grow ✅

We’ll cover ‘Growing Your Garden’ in Part 3 episode!

A few extra resources you may find helpful…

And join the Soil to Supper Facebook Club’ to ask questions, share photos of what you grow and to connect with other gardeners.

You’ll find a range of self-paced courses, events and free information at Soil to Supper Learn Online 🌱 I look forward to seeing you there!

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I’m sure you’ll enjoy creating your dream garden, and start enjoying delicious fresh food!

Thank You for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden, enjoy a fabulous day,

 💚 Cath

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