Gardeners and food producers know the fabulous satisfaction in harvesting and sharing fresh food from their gardens and farms.

But at times we find an over-abundance of produce and want to share it with others.

This is where Spare Harvest helps!!

In this episode I’m joined by Helen Andrew, who established Spare Harvest after continuous years of excess fruit on her citrus trees and having to compost and bury the fruit as she didn’t know who or where to share it within her community.


We discuss…

  • When Helen realised she needed to take action on this waste of healthy food.
  • How she established Spare Harvest.
  • What members are sharing.
  • The locations around the world that members are located.
  • Wonderful connections that people are forming through listings.
  • How you can register and get started for FREE!

I’ll be downloading the Spare Harvest app now!

To become a member of Spare Harvest and create your first listing OR search through listings for locally grown foods and other goodies, head to

You’ll also find Spare harvest on…

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I hope you enjoyed this episode and now inspired to share your abundance with others!

Thanks for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden, see you again next time,


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