Soil to Supper Online Gardening Courses are designed for gardeners of ALL levels and suitable for any location worldwide.


“I understand your desire to grow fresh food and enjoy healthy gardens, so I’ve created courses to help gardeners identify problems and apply simple solutions to successfully grow thriving gardens.” Cath Manuel

Since 2011, Cath has shared her extensive knowledge and experience with many people through the Soil to Supper Workshop Program.

Through these fun, hands-on sessions, Cath provided new and seasoned gardeners with a deeper understanding of gardening, which enabled participants to successfully create their own thriving garden.

Cath now shares her successful workshop program through Soil to Supper eLearning Courses and also the Soil to Supper Membership Community.


Soil to Supper eLearning offers a choice of online courses suited to all gardening levels, from the beginner gardener to seasoned green thumb, in the areas of Organic Gardening and Horticultural Therapy.

Each course contains PDF Lesson Notes to download and also Videos to view on any device in ALL locations…even the garden!

This will make learning and growing super easy to achieve!

So If you’re ready to ditch those pesky gardening problems and become the guru in your garden, then learn, grow and thrive with expert Horticulturist Cath Manuel!

Be THE Guru in your Garden…Get Started Now!



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5 Steps to Become a Savvy Gardener - AUD $14.95

This course is designed for the new gardener who has a limited understanding of gardening and would like a deeper knowledge of the terms, methods and equipment used when completing gardening tasks.

From this course you will be introduced to the language, methods, equipment and skills required to become a skilled gardener whilst developing valuable knowledge prior to establishing your garden.



Soil to Supper You Tube Channel

Learn to Grow with Cath’s tutorials on Youtube




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