Imagine stepping into the garden and being surrounded by delightful fresh herbs. 

You’re gathering a few sprigs to make a brew of peppermint, lemon balm or tulsi tea.

Packed with flavour, a delicious aroma and loads of vitality.

Sounds nice…and it’s definitely achievable in any garden space in your home or a communal garden setting.

Today, we’re digging into a topic that’s not only fragrant and soothing but also incredibly rewarding – “Growing a Tea Garden.” 

Yes…we’re exploring the methods of cultivating your very own tea plants in any garden setting!

So grab your favourite cuppa, settle in somewhere cosy to learn how to grow, harvest and enjoy a delicious brew.

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“Let’s make gardening accessible for everyone!”

Thanks for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden…now it’s your time to enjoy a fresh brew from the garden!


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