This week I’ve published the first episode of my new podcast show – The Wellbeing Garden

wellbeing-garden-podcast-thumbnailThis project has been in my plans for a few years now, but I wanted to ensure I created the perfect topic and feel for the show before releasing it.

Now that the two main areas of Soil to Supper are clearly defined, Organic Gardening and Horticultural Therapy, I felt so sure about taking the leap into podcasting world!!

More episodes here –

It’s been a great learning experience (so glad I’ve done the first one) and now I’m super excited about sharing more episodes in the future!


In this episode I’ll share my journey from working in the Horticulture industry as a consultant and educator to training as a Horticultural Therapist and how I help people improve their wellbeing through gardening and growing food.

I’ll also share future episodes and how you can learn, grow and thrive with me.

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Thanks for joining me in the garden! I hope you’ll come again soon.

♥ Cath


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