The Soil to Supper Workshop Program provides an organic and holistic approach to gardening and growing fresh food.

Onsite Workshops are held at various locations on the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland. 

The Workshop Program was developed from the ‘Field Guide‘ in the Soil to Supper Community.

Each session will guide you to enjoy a thriving, sustainable garden from the ground up with simple techniques and inspiring ideas!



“Everybody should come and see Cath. She’s beautiful and she’s a good teacher!”

[Blessings, love and thanks to one of my star students 🙂 ] 

Angela. Gympie, Queensland.


The Workshop topics will lead you through the 4 main stages of…

Planning your growing spaces is one of the most important things you can do when creating gardens to grow fresh food.

Good planning will save you time and money!!

From this Workshop you will gain skills and knowledge to plan your garden. You’ll understand how to implement basic design methods to include elements and garden features required to grow a thriving, abundant garden.

We’ll also ‘discover dirt’ to ensure you have a healthy foundation for your garden.

These methods will assist when creating sustainable garden spaces for your fresh food to grow!

Once your garden is planned you can start creating garden spaces to grow in.

This is the fun time to get your hands dirty, create your garden spaces and have fun watching your planning come to life!

From this Workshop you will gain skills and knowledge to create your garden areas. You’ll include garden elements from your plan and also include sustainable systems to support a thriving garden.

Your sustainable garden will supply fresh food for years to come!

Now your garden spaces are ready, it’s time to get growing!

You’ll choose plants to suit your garden, grow the foods you love to eat and enjoy abundant crops through each season.

From this Workshop you will gain skills and knowledge to select suitable plants, grow new plants, enjoy container growing. You’ll understand the simple methods to successfully grow a variety of plants for pots and gardens.

You’ll have your garden growing from the ground up!

After following the planning, creating and growing methods, it’s time to nurture your garden to continually harvest abundant crops.

Enjoy a thriving garden and the joy of successful growing!

From this Workshop you will gain skills and knowledge to nurture your garden to ensure it thrives. You will also identify common garden problems and have an understanding of the natural solutions to apply. 

Over the last 6 years of delivering our fun, hands-on Workshops, I have received incredible feedback from so many people.

Here’s a few special things they shared…

Dear Cath

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful service you’re offering our community. I’m not really a “green thumb” but your passion and knowledge has got me started!! I enjoyed your workshop very much, it was informative, fun and tasty!!

You are inspirational and I am working toward having a sustainable garden where my family can eat their ‘fill’ of fresh fruit/veggies and salad stuff just like yours does. I can’t wait till your next workshop or should we call it a PLAYshop….fun fun fun!!!

Deborah, Noosa, Qld


Many thanks for sharing your knowledge at our on-site consultation and your two recent workshops. Gardening has brought me a great deal of pleasure and I find that working in the garden is very therapeutic after a couple of fairly awful years.

I’ve also met some lovely people, who think we should nurture and work with what we have, instead of constantly taking from our gardens. I’ll be at your next workshop with bells on!

Sheena, Sunshine Coast, Qld


I find Cath’s workshops exceptionally helpful. She delivers well thought out & planned information and for a visual person like me her practical demonstrations show me exactly what I need to do at home.

Her vast knowledge of horticulture, permaculture and organic gardening practices shine through in every aspect of her workshops. She is a wonderfully friendly person who is always at the end of the phone for any extra help I might need.

Plus her e-newsletters are full of great practical advice.

Bethwyn, Cooroy, Qld


I Just wanted to say, Thank You, for a great course, ‘From the Ground Up’. You, are a Star, in what was becoming a Black Hole of Despair.

The course was fun, concise & precise with a good balance of theory and practical exercises. With your knowledge & expertise, you were able to de-mystify many things and focus on setting clear techniques to achieve the desired goals.

Keep the good work up, as it is a wonderful thing you are doing, we really appreciate the enthusiasm and admire your professionalism. We look forward to be part of the next course.

Joe, Sunshine Coast, Qld


Dates for 2018 Workshop Series are to be confirmed.

To stay updated on information please join our Facebook Club HERE and booking information will be posted shortly!

If you have any questions please CONTACT ME.

I am also available upon request to speak at your events. Please contact me to make arrangements.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next Workshop, for fun in the dirt together!

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