Each month Cath contributes an article for the Maggie Beer Foundation and shares tips for growing the fresh food featured in delicious recipes.

For October the beautiful Beetroot was the featured food!

If you love eating beetroot or the beet leaves then you’ve got to try growing your own!

Homegrown beet is packed with flavour, grown organically in healthy soil and leaves are available for picking as needed.

The beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant, or Beta vulgaris, grown for its edible leaves and root as an annual from spring through to autumn in most parts of Australia.

Find Cath’s tips for growing your own beets HERE.

Then find delicious recipe ideas for enjoying fresh Beetroot HERE.

TIP – Beet can also be grown as microgreens with small leaves being used when cooking. Find more information on Microgreens HERE.

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