Most of us struggle with the soil in our gardens. We find it too wet, too dry, unhealthy, lacking life AND our plants aren’t growing!

In this episode I’ll share simple tips for understanding soil types, how to improve it and what to add to build a healthy layer of soil to grow a healthy garden in any location.

The good news is ALL soil types can be improved, even the unhealthiest of dirt!

Let’s start from the ground up…

  • Soil is actually a living system. Nurture it like you would any other living things
  • Get to know your soil type. Do you have sand, clay or a healthy loam?
  • Grow more plants! Don’t leave earth uncovered as you’ll lose top soil which is important for growing. Try growing Comfrey in your garden…it has many amazing uses! Here’s a video on growing Comfrey  and using Comfrey

Wherever you are located and whatever style of garden you have, follow simple methods to create healthy dirt to grow a healthy garden.

If you’re struggling with growing plants, pests in the garden or under-productive crops then consider building up your soil and you’ll notice a huge change in the health of your garden!

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