In the Back to Basics Series I’ll share the common basics for gardening, many of the gardening words and methods, equipment that’s used and ways to get started.

This information is from one of the courses in Soil to Supper Online Gardening Community.

In this episode I’ll share many common words that you’ll come across in gardening information, through print, online, television or podcasts…including The Wellbeing Garden!

Knowing these common words will help you to understand the information given and to follow gardening methods.

You may already know these, so this episode could be a good revision for you!


Here’s some extra information that I refer to through the episode…

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I hope you enjoyed this episode and I look forward to joining you for Back to Basics Part 2!

ThankYou for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden, see you again next time,


© cath manuel 24 june 2017

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