As I was writing this article for the Maggie Beer Foundation things were constantly and dramatically changing in our world.

We can’t hug our friends, meet for a coffee, visit destinations or enjoy social connections. But we CAN enjoy time in the garden and participate in our favourite activities. This is especially important now to maintain wellness.

Now that aged care and community organisations are following social distancing practices, it’s important for people everywhere to maintain wellness through this time.

With many outings and activities cancelled I would highly recommend including simple gardening activities into programs, plus some fresh foods grown onsite.

These activities can be completed at tables or in the garden, which assists with maintaining good mental health and keep their bodies moving…plus a little sunshine and fresh air helps everyone!

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We continue to support you to grow fresh food and thriving gardens through this time.

Please contact me to access support and guidance.

Would you like to be a part of an online gardening community to gain a deeper understand of growing fresh food for your health?

Consider joining the Soil to Supper Community where you’ll access a monthly growing guide, information on what to do and extra one-on-one support to help you grow a thriving garden in any setting.

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