sproutingOne of the most exciting moments in the garden for me is noticing a seed germinate or a plant come into flower. It represents new growth, something beautiful to smell or look at and also something to eat!!

Recently I spoke at a wellness event, The Art of Wellness, on the Sunshine Coast and was inspired by the wonderful speakers who shared their knowledge and passion for health and wellbeing.

From the great messages shared one of the things that really stuck to me was the incredible benefits of gratitude for what we have, what we do and what we know.Gratitude

The other clear message for the day was about the health benefits of eating fresh, nutrient-packed foods.

As part of my talk I shared the passion I have for growing and eating fresh, organic food and this led to discussing the feelings I have when I grow, harvest and share food from my garden.

I’ve recently discovered, through my studies, there’s plenty of research showing the benefits to our wellbeing by being grateful and enjoying the foods that we eat.

Most people don’t realise that when you tend to a garden you’re giving it love and care, while nurturing the earth and yourself. On an energetic level, as we connect to nature and earth we are caring for it and in return the plants will respond with strong growth, high flower and fruit production. Yes, food that‘s grown with LOVE tastes better and is better for us !!

Now this may sound a little ‘out there’ (which I am at times for an earthy girl!!) but the more I read many views on this the more I want to learn.

Through my Horticultural Therapy studies I’ve read inspiring information on the great health benefits people have felt from connecting with the earth, spending time in the garden and also harvesting fresh food to eat. Being grateful for the food we have takes our health benefits to another level.

love tomatoesAnother great benefit to eating home-grown food is that more care is generally taken to prepare food when you’ve grown it yourself, rather than purchasing it from a large supermarket. I’m sure it tastes so much better too.

If you think of a time when you put loads of care and energy into growing something, say a tomato plant, and then when the fruit appeared you picked some and excitedly shared it with family or friends…or like me you posted it on social media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook) to share with the world… LOL. How amazing did you feel ?? Those good feelings will be shared with everyone who eats that meal and they will be nourished by the fresh food you’ve grown.

On another level, the way food is prepared and eaten will have huge impacts on the absorption of the nutrients in the food.

“There have been times when I’ve prepared a meal for myself and even the family and I was not in a positive or happy state. The irony is that my boys picked up on that and didn’t enjoy the meal as much as previous meals. I now bless the meals with beautiful thoughts and make sure that I’m in the right state of mind when I make a meal.  If I’m not in the right frame of mind, then it’s not worth preparing food.  Your vibration flows through the food like a cold draft through the bottom of a door.  It is vital that you consider the first ingredient to making and preparing healthy food, it’s being in the right mind frame and adding a touch of love to everything you do.” says Annie Clark from The Art of Wellness (www.bewell.com.au)

A great example of appreciating great food can be taken from the many cultures around the world who spend hours or even days harvesting and cooking together, laughing and enjoying each other’s company and then serving the delicious meals to family and friends. The meals are blessed and gratitude given for the food and then hours spent enjoying the bounty of fresh local food together.a handful of peas

Here’s a few simple tips for getting the most out of your food…

  • Next time you’re preparing a meal for your family and friends just check in with yourself…how are you feeling while preparing the meal, are you stressed (if yes then leave the food preparation and go back to the garden!!) or feeling angry or upset?? Any of these lower energy emotions will have an effect on the food you’re preparing and serving to people you love. Enjoy preparing meals and appreciate being able to nourish the people you love.
  • Also allow others to relax and enjoy their food. Mealtimes are not a place for arguing, or strict rules or anything that makes others uncomfortable. Mealtimes are to enjoy and absorb the healthy food you have. Be grateful for the food and for the cook!! And relax and digest everything that goes into your mouth.
  • Don’t eat on the run. Sit down, relax and enjoy your food.
  • Eat food fresh. Fresh greens and herbs have the highest levels of nutrients within the first hour of being picked. So pick your food and eat it fresh…feeling Happy !
  • “If you’re feeling stressed, angry or upset then don’t eat at all” says Annie. Leave the food and go relax, have a walk, garden or meditate. Come back to eating when you feel more relaxed and stress free. You’ll digest your food better while relaxed.
  • Bless your food with gratitude and love.

Growing and enjoying healthy food is a very important part of our lives . Give yourself, your family and friends the best you have to nourish and nurture each other.

“Thank You”

Cath xxx

© cath manuel 12 june 2014

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