Spring is definitely in the air here on the Sunshine Coast! Although the mornings are still cool, the days are stunning. It’s a beautiful time to enjoy being outdoors…Ok so anytime is great to be outdoors, I’m just a bit excited about Spring!!

Our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are coming into Autumn and I’m sure many places will continue to experience warm days for a few more weeks and into October. A few year’s ago I headed to France and the UK in Autumn and the weather was absolutely beautiful.Fresh harvest

So with a change of season, now is the time to plan and plant what foods and flowers you’d like to grow during the next few months.

Here in Australia we’ll enjoy Summer salads, bbq’s and warm festive season feasts. Growing in the shade house will be needed for many plants here in the heat!

In many parts of the world the cooler months are coming back, so you’ll have to consider snow, frost, deciduous trees (beautiful!!) and growing in poly tunnels and greenhouses to produce crops.

Wherever you are in the world, enjoy this lovely change of season and what’s growing.

Here’s a few ideas for things to do this month…

For Southern Hemisphere Gardeners –

  • Add compost from your in-garden system, compost bins or bays into garden beds. This will boost the soil before planting Spring crops. Also add a handful or two of slow release fertiliser and one handful of rock minerals to add vital ingredients to the soil.
  • Sow Seeds of (in most areas) Basil, Fennel, Celery, Lettuce, Eggplant and Tomato. Choose heirloom, organic seeds when possible and use a premium seed raising mix. Follow the simple steps HEREincludes my seed sowing video!
  • Create piles of rich soil to grow Pumpkins by seed and Sweet Potato by pieces of vine, or sweet potato that has sprouted in the kitchen!! Try either a compost method or no-dig pile here – How to Build a No-Dig Garden
  • Create a Salad-themed Garden planting all the ingredients you love in a salad…Lettuce, Cucumber, Parsley, Spring Onion, Tomato, Rocket and a Lemon or Lime to squeeze over fresh ingredients.

For Northern Hemisphere Gardeners –

  • Save seeds from your favourite Summer plants. Ensure the seeds are fully dry before storing. [image courtesy of planetnatural.com]heirloom-seed-varieties1
  • Add vital nutrients to the soil with organic fertilisers. Blood and Bone works a treat! Read more HERE.
  • Re-apply mulch as needed.
  • Continue to enjoy leafy crops before the cool days begin.

Enjoy the change in Season and time outside in nature!

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Enjoy this month in your garden,


© cath manuel 3 september 2015

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