December is here (wow the year has flown!) which is the start of a new season and the end of another year.

summer saladsBeing in the Southern Hemisphere we’re now in Summer, which means hot days, big storms and very early mornings or late afternoons in the garden. It’s also time for fresh garden salads and outdoor dining!

If you’re located in the Northern Hemisphere you’ll be experiencing cold, short days and possibly snow covered gardens…Nice!!

Wherever you’re located, in either Summer or Winter, these seasons give us an opportunity to take a break, connect with family and friends, eat delicious foods and spend time with people we love.

For me this time of year is spent maintaining my garden, not planting much during the hot months, and spending time nurturing myself and my family. It’s the time I take a break from most gardening activities and spend days learning, reading and relaxing.

If you’re looking for a lovely gift idea for Christmas, which is wonderful for including in therapeutic gardening programs, have a watch of this video. Please contact me if you would like more information on how to make these lovely little gift pots!

Here’s a few ideas for things to do this month…

For Southern Hemisphere Gardeners –

  • Keep up the watering to your gardens – During Summer it’s best to water late in the afternoon so plants and the earth have time to soak up moisture and recover from the day’s heat.
  • Rest your garden beds – now is a perfect time to top up organic ingredients into the soil, apply a layer of mulch and allow gardens to rest, or fallow, during the warm months. You’ll then find your soil is ready for planting many crops once Autumn arrives. Here’s a few extra tips for feeding your garden…5 Easy Ways to Feed Your Garden and Grow More Food.
  • Care for your containers and pots – ensure the potting mix doesn’t dry out during the hot days and top up potting mix and mulch as needed. Add a cap full of organic liquid fertiliser when using your watering can on potted plants, they’ll love a fortnightly dose! Download & Print this guide to potting up your plants...CLICK HERE.
  • Grow Summer crops of salad greens, cucumber, eggplant, chilli, zucchini and herbs. Pick leafy greens as needed for salads and long lunches!! Find delicious recipe ideas at the Maggie Beer Foundation HERE
  • If you’re in warm climates try growing Winged Beans. These stunning beans have an interesting texture on the bean, produce pretty flowers and most of the plant is edible! 
  • For cool climate areas try growing Globe Artichokes. These gorgeous looking edible flower buds are delicious to eat and look amazing through a cool garden area.

For Northern Hemisphere Gardeners –

  • Continue to prepare gardens and containers for the cold months, by placing covers over your garden and containers in the greenhouse.chelsea 1
  • Enjoy Winter Solstice on the 21st December this year - this is a time that Winter really kicks in throughout the North. Enjoy the shortest day of the year, spend time with family and friends and also give yourself some self-nurturing along the way.
  • Spend time in your garden shed giving some care to your gardening tools and equipment. Follow the steps in my article HERE.
  • If it’s too cold out, then spend time indoors learning new gardening tips or start planning your Spring garden. Now’s a perfect time to consider joining the Soil to Supper Membership Community!
  • Throughout Winter start planning and ordering Spring bulbs, they make a fabulous Christmas gift idea.

These are the seasons to slow down, enjoy life, care for yourself and make some amazing plans for the year ahead.

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Enjoy a wonderful, happy and safe festive season,


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