Training Programs

At Soil to Supper we believe that everyone of all ages and abilities needs a connection with nature and to experience a sense of joy and the health benefits gained from gardening activities and fresh food.

The Gardening for Health and Wellbeing Program, includes specialised Training to provide carers, staff and volunteers with the skills and knowledge required to deliver garden therapy to all people in care.

Soil to Supper training programs provide the necessary skills for staff to deliver gardening activities, support a therapeutic garden and meets the standards for Professional Development within Aged Care.

Our Training Program aims to provide a deep understanding of the benefits of gardening as a therapy, horticultural therapy methods and techniques, suitable activities for residents and clients, plus the knowledge and skills to successfully grow a thriving garden.

 The Training Program includes;

 2 Day In-House Professional Development in Horticultural Therapy

Held within one centre for aged care, community services or school garden. Participants will gain knowledge through theory and practical hands-on activities to gain an understanding of organic gardening methods and horticultural therapy activities.

Through the training participants will learn;

  • How gardening benefits people within aged care, especially within memory support units and also within disability support.
  • Practical activities included in a gardening program
  • Therapeutic plants and their uses
  • How to assist gardeners throughout activities
  • Coordinating helpers to assist with programs
  • Preparing gardens for activities
  • Measuring outcomes from program

Through each session participants receive a holistic skill and knowledge base for therapeutic gardening to support the garden’s growth and provide gardeners with positive experiences throughout the seasons and into the future.

Introduction to Horticultural Therapy

This one day Workshop is for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of Horticultural Therapy and how it can be applied in various situations.

This Workshop is held on the Sunshine Coast for one full day and suitable for anyone considering starting a therapy program, working within on organisation or volunteering at a community centre, community garden or within a school garden program.



In this Workshop participants will learn;

  • What is Horticultural Therapy
  • Types of programs offered
  • Plants used in a therapy garden
  • Gardening activities
  • How to implement a program

Horticultural Therapy Programs assist to build self-esteem, confidence, improve health and well-being and create positive social settings.

There is a great amount of research showing the benefits of gardening for;

  • Physical – improves strength, energy and assists fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Social – good social interaction, motivates people and improves postive habits
  • Psychological – improves emotional well-being, reduces anxiety and stress, stimulates senses
  • Cognitive – improves concentration, good for problem solving skills and exercises memory
  • Access to the Environment – assists with reducing stress, anxiety and lifts spirit in participants

Research also shows that spending time working in the garden with others creates great friendships, improves self-esteem, gives people a feeling of belonging and being helpful, and offers plenty of fresh food to enjoy and share. The fresh food grown by gardeners is packed with nutrients, which also supports good health.

Please contact Cath directly with any questions on our Horticultural Therapy Programs and Services.

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