The Soil to Supper Signature Programs include specialised training to provide the skills and knowledge required to deliver garden-based activities to participants, residents and clients.

Would you like to become a provider of therapeutic gardening activities to participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), residents of aged care or within community services?

Do you have a passion for gardening? Would you like to support others to enjoy gardening in their home?

Join Therapeutic Horticulture specialist, Cath Manuel, for this unique masterclass training and learn how to provide fun gardening activities to gardeners of all ages and abilities. You will also joined by experts in the field of mental health and NDIS.

This training is suitable for anyone currently working or wanting to establish their own business to work with clients have NDIS Plans or within aged care and have an interest in gardening for improved health.

Continuing Professional Development in Therapeutic Horticulture for staff within Aged Care homes.

This in-house training provides the necessary skills and knowledge for staff to deliver therapeutic gardening activities, support a therapeutic garden and grow fresh food within aged care homes.

Staff training includes a full day onsite workshop, workbook for each participant, gardening materials required for hands-on activities, Certificate of Participation for staff completing training, plus online resources to support the delivery of gardening program to residents.

Please contact Cath Manuel directly for more information on services available for your organisation.

Join me throughout the year for live events.

More events details will be published in the Soil to Supper Newsletter, so join us now!

Soil to Supper Training provides the necessary skills for staff and providers to deliver gardening activities, support a therapeutic garden and grow fresh food in a care setting or participants homes.

Our Training Program aims to provide a deep understanding of the benefits of gardening as a therapy, therapeutic gardening methods and techniques, suitable activities for participants, plus the knowledge and skills to successfully grow a thriving garden.

Therapeutic Gardening Programs assist to build self-esteem, confidence, improve health and wellbeing and create positive social experiences through meaningful and fun activities.

There is a great amount of research showing the benefits of gardening for;

  • Physical – improves strength, energy and assists fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Social – good social interaction, motivates people and improves positive habits
  • Psychological – improves emotional well-being, reduces anxiety and stress, stimulates senses and calms nervous system
  • Cognitive – improves concentration, good for problem solving skills and exercises memory
  • Access to the Environment – assists with reducing stress, anxiety and lifts spirit in participants

Research also shows that spending time working in the garden with others forms friendships, improves self-esteem, gives people a feeling of belonging and being helpful, and offers plenty of fresh food to enjoy and share. The fresh food grown by gardeners is packed with nutrients, which also supports good health.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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