Gather the right advice and guidance to establish and enjoy a thriving garden in any setting.

Through an Onsite Consultation you’ll gather simple steps and no-fuss methods to establish gardens and grow fresh food.

Here’s how I help you grow…

Home Garden Consultation


If you’re not sure where to start or what to do to create new garden areas or upgrade existing spaces, I’m here to help you IN your home garden with an Onsite Garden Consultation.

This Consultation Service provides you with personalised recommendations to help you grow a healthy garden, with simple methods, to enjoy the experience of gardening and harvesting healthy food.

Onsite Consultations available to residents of South East Queensland. 

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Therapeutic Garden Consultation


Consultations are available for aged care homes and community organisations to assist with establishing therapeutic and kitchen gardens and the delivery of gardening programs, based on Therapeutic Horticulture methods.

I share my extensive experience as a horticulturist and horticultural therapist to guide you and your staff to establish, grow and maintain gardens within your centre, plus I provide support to successfully delivery therapeutic gardening activities to residents and clients.

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Many thanks for sharing your knowledge at our on-site consultation and your two recent workshops. Gardening has brought me a great deal of pleasure and I find that working in the garden is very therapeutic after a couple of fairly awful years.

I’ve also met some lovely people, who think we should nurture and work with what we have, instead of constantly taking from our gardens. I’ll be at your next workshop with bells on!


Sunshine Coast, Qld

My attempts at gardening always ended with brown shrivelled plants and empty pots… until I met Cath Manuel.

Cath has such incredible knowledge, and has the ability to give you the detail you need for your specific situation. For me, I don’t have lots of land yet wanted to grow my own herbs and vegetables, and she has guided me to make it happen. And it was great to get my children involved, they started with sunflowers, thanks to Cath!! It can be low cost and no hassle if that is what you want.

Cath has lived and breathed all things ‘eco-living’ and ‘plant world’ for years, and you can tell! She is a sensation. If ever you wanted some guidance or help with fixing a garden problem or starting a fresh, you will love Cath’s inspiration and knowledge! 


Buderim, Qld

Do you want guidance on WHAT to do and HOW to do things?

How about more confidence with gardening methods and WHEN to apply them?

I understand the challenges of gardening along with the successes, the needs and the pleasure of growing fresh food and the deep desire to make a positive impact in our world.

I’m here to help you achieve success, grow healthy food and enjoy abundant harvests through every season.

Looking forward to growing with you,


© cath manuel 22 april 2018

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