Through a Garden Mentoring Session, I provide practical solutions and inspiring ideas to support you to successfully grow and enjoy fresh food.

Are you finding gardening is becoming a chore, your crops are getting eaten by bugs, plants are struggling and you don’t have the time or understanding to fix it all?

I have ALL the solutions for you, and when you work with me you have access anytime to your own garden guru!!

You’ll find loads of free information online that tells you what to do and why you need to do it. Just search any topic and you’ll find an over-abundance of people telling you what to do!

Digging through all that information takes loads of time, AND it creates confusion and overwhelm.

Over the last 18 years I have supported and helped many people worldwide to growing success…I would love to help you too!


From this One-on-One session, I’ll work with you, guide you and support you with the right information for your needs.

I’ll personally provide my expert skills, knowledge and experience to get you AND your garden thriving.

 From a Garden Mentoring session you’ll;

  • Gain clarity and a clear vision of your goals and dreams
  • Have a customised action plan of what, when and how to complete activities
  • Know when to grow and harvest seasonal foods
  • Be supported along the way

By having a clear road map of where you are heading, you’ll save time and money in the long term, plus you’ll achieve success in the short term, through a more productive and sustainable garden.

So, are you ready to give up the struggle and become successful? Are you ready to harvest delicious, healthy food for yourself, your family and friends? (they will LOVE YOU for it!)

Let’s start here…

60 minute Garden Mentoring Session plus a Personalised Action Plan;

  • This online session is suitable for anyone wanting to grow and enjoy fresh food.
  • We’ll plan growing strategies, ways to create a healthy garden, enjoy healthy food and simple ways to maintain a sustainable garden.
  • Includes a personalised action plan.
  • Video and eBook ‘Get Your Garden Growing’.
  • Discount Offer to the Soil to Supper Membership Community
  • Audio recording of the session to listen back anytime.
  • Continued support through a private Facebook group.
  • Cost $195.00 AUD

‘Through the Season‘ Garden Mentoring Packages.

To enjoy long term support and seasonal growing in your garden, join me through the seasons of growing and thriving. These premium packages will ensure you’re growing the garden of your dreams and harvesting fresh, healthy food for you and your family, whilst living a little lighter on this earth.

**3 Month and 6 Month Packages are available. Please contact me for more information on these packages.

I assist clients all over Australia and throughout the world. Please complete the form below and I’ll contact you to arrange our mentoring session via Zoom Online Meetings.

Wherever you are located, I would love to help you grow and thrive,



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