This episode is Part 3 in this podcast series.

Listen to Part 1 – Planning Your Dream GardenHERE and Part 2 - Creating Your Garden Spaces HERE.

When your garden is ready you can then start growing your favourite plants!

There’s a few easy and inexpensive ways to grow new plants in your garden, so in this episode we’ll cover;

  • Things to consider when choosing plants
  • Ways to grow new plants
  • Growing plants in your garden
  • Caring for new plants

These are the simple steps to growing your garden!

These methods are suitable for your home garden, a therapy garden in aged care home, community centre, school garden or a community garden.

Methods for growing plants are the same everywhere!


Here’s the extra resources I mention that you may find helpful…

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I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting your favourite plants growing and enjoy watching them thrive!

Thank You for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden, enjoy a fabulous day,


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