Each month in the Soil to Supper Community I provide a Monthly Masterclass based on one of our weekly growing topics.

A few months ago I covered this topic and thought it would be a great podcast episode, as many gardeners find pests in the garden!

In this episode I’ll discuss…

  • Identifying garden pests
  • What causes pest problems
  • Integrated pest management
  • Building a resilient garden


Extra tips for pest free gardens include;

  • Hand remove bugs if possible or blast small bugs away with the hose
  • Use traps for fruit fly, slugs or snails
  • Bag fruit after pollination and fruit set
  • Examine pest problems to identify if it’s minimal damage or long term problems that need to be reduced
  • Improve the health or soil, plants and your garden
  • Create a healthy eco-system for nature to take care of everything for you!

Here’s some extra information that I refer to through the episode…


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I hope this episode gives you a good start to enjoying a pest-free, thriving garden. 

ThankYou for joining me in The Wellbeing Garden, see you again next time,

 Cath 🙂

© cath manuel 10 august 2017

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