When it comes to dealing with kitchen scraps the first thing that comes to my mind is to compost most waste, put scraps in the worm farm or feed them to the chooks! Read more here…

But if they’re foods that I know will re-grow, even after being dug up or cut off, I’ll try re-growing them for using another day.

Most of the foods that will re-grow are the common foods in our kitchens, and they’re super easy to grow again…and usually again!

Give these ‘easy to grow foods’ a try…

  • Spring Onion, Onion and Leek – plants from the onion family grow well in a glass jar or dish of water in a sunny location indoors. Cut off the roots above the white flesh and place in a glass jar with water. Once they grow they can be planted in a pot or in the garden.

TIP - Try placing the cut base of onions in seed raising mix until more roots grow.

  • Garlic – re-plant old bulbs or ones that have a green shoot growing (I usually find these in the pantry). Bury each bulb about 5cm in the soil during the cooler months and don’t overwater!

Try growing Dill around Garlic bulbs for colour and use while Garlic is growing!

  • Celery, Lettuce, Cabbage and Bok Choy – cut off the base before using and place in a shallow dish of water. When new leaves appear it’s time to plant into a pot or out in the garden. You’ll then cut and use the stems as they grow!
  • Kumara/Sweet Potato – the sweet potato root can be sprouted using tooth picks and a glass jar OR can be grown directly into garden by planting the vine, with 10cm of leaves sticking out of soil.
  • Potatoes – seed potatoes are best used and they will generally sprout if kept in a dry, dark location. Plant out in Autumn and as leaves appear mound the soil and re-mulch.

Harvest after the flowers have died off, usually about 14 weeks after planting.

  • Pineapple – tops of pineapples can be easily grown (they are Bromeliads) just keep about 1cm of flesh when removing top, dry for a few days then plant directly into soil or potting mix.

Each plant produces one fruit after about 18 months. After the fruit has grown a side shoot will grow on the main plant and this produces the next fruit.

  • Ginger, Turmeric and Galangal – the Ginger family roots can be planted throughout Spring and Summer in warm climates. Bury about 5cm under the soil and new shoots appear during the warm months. Dig up new roots anytime or fully harvest in winter ready to store and regrow.
  • Herb stems - Basil, Tarragon, Lemon Balm or Mints, Rosemary, Brazilian Spinach. When picking stems of herbs for using, cut extra ling stems that can be placed into a vase or glass of water to grow roots. Or place each cutting in a small pot of propagating mix to grow into new plants.

Follow these simple steps to growing new Herbs! - How to Grow Healthy Herbs

  • Fennel – keep the roots intact and place in a shallow jar with water until roots appear. Plant out into the garden ready to grow!

These are simple ways to re-grow most of our common fresh foods. You could also consider seed saving from your kitchen or garden and follow my seed sowing steps HERE.

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Happy Sprouting! 😊

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