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Soil to Supper provides simple ideas and methods for an organic and holistic approach to gardening and growing fresh food.

We offer simple steps to create and maintain a thriving garden using no-fuss methods and sustainable techniques that people of all ages and abilities can follow.

For One-on-One support in your garden we provide Onsite Consultations with personalised action plan to offer solutions and simple methods for your gardening needs.

Our Learning Program aims to give you a deep understanding of gardening methods and techniques, plus the knowledge and skills to apply them and successfully grow a thriving garden.

Are you a gardener who wants guidance on what to do and how to do things?

How about a deeper understanding of gardening methods and how to apply them?

 Join our wonderful Soil to Supper Community where you’ll gather knowledge, solve problems, harvest support and grow with others who have a great passion for nurturing themselves, others and our world.

Cath Manuel

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge at our on-site consultation and your two recent workshops. Gardening has brought me a great deal of pleasure and I find that working in the garden is very therapeutic after a couple of fairly awful years.

I’ve also met some lovely people, who think we should nurture and work with what we have, instead of constantly taking from our gardens. I’ll be at your next workshop with bells on!


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