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“Grow Fresh Food…with Confidence!”

Growing and enjoying fresh food is easy, really it is!

 Just understand a few basics, which are the little secrets all green thumbs know, and then follow simple methods to confidently grow food.

 You may have heard WHAT to do and WHY and then given that a try?

To help you grow successfully I’ll support you and show you WHEN and HOW to grow fresh food!

Don’t struggle with growing any longer!

A monthly gardening guide, online courses and personal mentoring is just the start of what you’ll receive.

Become a member of the Soil to Supper Community where you’ll gather knowledge, learn how to solve problems, access personalised support and grow with others who have a passion for enjoying healthy eating.

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The Soil to Supper Community is a fabulous space for anyone wanting to learn simple methods to grow and harvest food.

You’ll access monthly growing guides, a ‘Field Guide’, learning resources and also connect with other members anytime through the Member Forum and exclusive Facebook Group…plus loads more!

As a Member you’ll know…

  • the simple methods to plan and create your edible garden
  • when to grow your veggies, herbs and fruit
  • how to cultivate and nurture your crops following natural methods
  • ways to harvest and enjoy seasonal foods

 Plus you’ll be part of a fabulous group of people who have a passion for healthy eating.

 The Soil to Supper Community provides an organic and holistic approach to growing fresh food.

In the Community you’ll access…

Monthly Growing Guide

This takes the guesswork out of what to do in your garden during the month.

25 Point Checklist

Know you’re on the right path!

Monthly Masterclass & Courses

Gain a deeper knowledge for growing a thriving garden with Monthly Masterclasses & Online Courses.

Community Forum

Connect with all members, gather support, ask questions and share your success!


**A ‘Field Guide’ to lead you through the Planning, Creating, Growing & Nurturing stages

**Exclusive Facebook Group to access Cath and other Members anytime

**Activity Guides to Download & Print

**Member Resources, including videos, articles and eBooks

**Recipes with Fresh Food Ideas


After 5 days of enjoying FREE access you will then invest only AUD$29.95 each month.

Access will remain available to all the fantastic Community benefits as long as your membership is renewed each month.

We look forward to you joining us in the Community 🙂

Free Lesson - How to Sow Seeds Successfully

Sowing seeds is an easy way of growing new plants, saving money, and also choosing exactly the healthy foods you want to grow and harvest.

Follow my easy steps in this video and download the lesson notes HERE

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I hope to see you in the Soil to Supper Community very soon!

Let’s Learn Grow & Thrive Together 

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