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Soil to Supper provides simple ideas and solutions to help people grow thriving gardens in all locations.

Our mission is to encourage and inspire people to care for themselves, others and the earth with home-grown food and sustainable living.

Soil to Supper

Soil To Supper was developed in 2011 after Cath Manuel realised the need for information and support delivered in simple, easy methods to assist people to connect with nature to grow and enjoy fresh food through Organic Gardening

Our Programs and Services provide simple techniques, information and inspiring ideas to grow healthy gardens, enjoy seasonal harvesting and creative ideas for healthy meals.

We provide Horticultural Therapy Programs to assist with the delivery of in-house garden therapy activities for aged care, disability support, community gardens and school gardens.

Soil to Supper provides Organic Gardening and Horticultural Therapy programs, Consultation services, eLearning and Educational Program.


The benefits of Cath Manuel’s therapeutic gardening groups can be seen on the faces of our residents who attend her weekly sessions in our Memory Support Unit. Living with dementia can make daily activities challenging and frustrating, so it is beautiful to watch the group laughing and interacting together, reminiscing about gardens they have tended to in the past.

For many of them, the feel of the soil between their fingers has unlocked gardening skills that have remained hidden in recent years. To have seedlings to care for and gardens to water has provided a purpose for them again. The feedback from staff and relatives has been incredibly positive.

Sandra Gunner

Group Care Manager, NoosaCare Inc

Dear Cath

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful service you’re offering our community. I’m not really a “green thumb” but your passion and knowledge has got me started!! I enjoyed your workshop very much, it was informative, fun and tasty!!

You are inspirational and I am working toward having a sustainable garden where my family can eat their ‘fill’ of fresh fruit/veggies and salad stuff just like yours does. I can’t wait till your next workshop or should we call it a PLAYshop….fun fun fun!!!

Deborah, Noosa, Qld


Our fabulous team…


Cath Manuel is the Founder and Director of Soil to Supper. She holds a Diploma of Horticulture, Certificate in Horticultural Therapy and has completed a Permaculture Design Course as well as further training in garden therapy and organic food growing.

Cath ran a successful Landscape Gardening Business from 1999 on the Sunshine Coast before switching to organic growing practices to create productive and beautiful gardens for clients.

Cath’s interests are in teaching others all aspects of therapeutic, organic gardening and sustainability, as she believes this is so important for our health and wellbeing. She is also passionate about growing and cooking her own family’s food and has an interest in the health benefits from gardening and also plants and their uses.

Her knowledge is shared worldwide, through various publications, and also nationally on radio, television and at events.

Cath lives on the Sunshine Coast, on a 3 ½ acre property with her husband Paul and boys, Edison and Archey and they are all involved in their sustainable way of life.

Find Cath on LinkedIn.


ash-website-imageAshleigh Shea is Personal Assistant to Cath Manuel. Ashleigh has a background in Personal and Executive Administration and is currently completing her first Horticulture Certification.

Ashleigh is interested in Nutrition, Health, Wellbeing and the positive effect that fresh natural food has on the mind and body. She also believes that by growing our own food, it allows us to learn about natures cycles and about growing seasonal produce.  This interest led her to begin growing organic food in a small suburban backyard.

Ashleigh lives on the Sunshine Coast on 1.5 Acres with her husband Andrew and three young children, Noah, Ava & Evie. The whole family is involved in establishing their new gardens and are learning to grow food using sustainable practices.

For more information on the services and programs available to you please click here to contact us.

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